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  • Registration Fee: $30 per student covers the cost of one black leotard and any additional class supplies needed throughout the year



    • Black leotard (one piece- provided by the C​entre)

    • One pair of pink ballet shoes (any brand)

    • One pair of black tap shoes* (any brand)

    • Tights (pink or white) are optional

  • Showcase Fee: This fee will be determined by February 1. We will do everything possible to keep this cost down to a minimum. We strive to put high quality instruction as our priority and give our students a chance to show an audience what they have learned. We want to do this and also keep our programs accessible to all students in the Pointe Coupee area.

Class Procedure:

  • Please arrive dressed in a black leotard, tights (optional), and shoes that students can easily take off and put on without assistance. 

  • Students will bring their ballet AND tap shoes* to class each week. 

  • Students will remove their street shoes in the carpool lobby. They will take their dance shoes with them into the dance studio to put them on.

  • Students may wear a pair of short athletic shorts or dance skirt over their leotard for class. This is optional. 

*Tap shoes are only required in our class for students over 6 yrs old.

 ***BEGINNER BALLET FOR THE OLDER CHILD - This class is for students who have only taken dance for a year or less.

QUESTIONS? CALL US AT 225.638.1094

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