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Larry Maciasz Kitchen

The Maciasz Family's roots run deep in New Roads, and the Centre's mission of teaching the arts in the community has garnered their support. After Larry's passing in 2020, his siblings saw a connection between Larry's culinary career, his LOVE for New Roads, his passion for community, and the Centre's ability to continue his legacy through its programs.

Will you consider partnering with the Maciasz family and make a financial donation today? Your gift will make Larry's kitchen a reality. Our goal is to have Larry's kitchen completed by August 2022 for the upcoming school year.

When we moved into our current location at 1102 West Main Street in 2013, our building was in warehouse condition. The plans you see below are a story of all of the work that went into constructing each classroom, finally finishing in 2018.

One of our biggest remaining needs is a kitchen. We are preparing to relocate an existing restroom and expand that space for a kitchen. A kitchen would allow us to prepare snacks for students, lunches during summer camp, food for special events, and so much more!

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