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Lucy Boley Memorial Fund

In August 2015 Lucy Boley became a part of the Centre for the Arts family.  During her time at the Centre she touched countless lives both in the classroom and out, as she reached out to not only her students but to her students' families.  Lucy was an amazing instructor, writer, actor, director, and friend.  She not only taught her students the craft of acting, but opened her students' eyes to how ancient Greek theater, Shakespeare, and modern classics could help them to understand and express their own life experiences on stage. To honor Lucy's memory, we would like to help as many students as possible to experience all that theatre has to offer.  


Lucy's Legacy

From summer camps to holiday performances and showcase. Lucy's light shined bright. Her impact at Centre for the Arts was monumental. 

Let's keep her light shining.

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Lucy's Light

Lucy was in her element on stage. She imparted wisdom to all of her students. She brought a light into Centre for the Arts every week for 6 years. That light is sorely missed.


Live Like Lucy

Learn like you will live forever,

Live like you will die tomorrow.

Click the GIVE NOW button below and select the Lucy Boley Memorial Fund in the drop down menu.

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